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Welcome to the new Northern Star Council Roundtable website.

This website is the new home for everything related to Council Roundatables: flyers, locations, contacts, etc.

The eHangfiles tab above will take you to councilwide and district specific information.

The Locations tab above will provide details regarding when and where District Roundtables are held.

If you have any difficulty using the site, or if you have suggestions, please email



McKenzie Statue: Northern Star Council 2010


About Roundtables


"Roundtables" are the monthly Scouting program enrichment meetings held in each district. The purpose of these meetings is to provide information to help leaders in doing the most effective job possible for their unit's members.

Roundtables typically run for 1 and 1/2 hours on a regular evening (such as the first Thursday) during one of the first two weeks of each month.

All packs and troops have their own "mailbox," which contains relevant information including upcoming events, activities, training courses camps, program offerings and unit administration information.



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